Caricami per NEN

Caricami and NeN together for a summer full of energy and freedom

  • Branded NeN batteries that give a special offer to those who find them and decide to switch to NeN.
  • Hours of free rentals for NeN customers who can rent a Caricami battery with an exclusive promotional code.

NeN is the new player in the world of energy born to overwhelm it, distort it and reassemble it from scratch. An “EnerTech” that aims to radically change the world of domestic electricity and gas supply, thanks to technology, with a simple, transparent, green and digital proposal.

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From the common goal of making the lives of its customers easier, the collaboration with Caricami was born, the power bank sharing service that allows you to rent power banks to recharge your mobile devices in complete mobility.

What is the Caricami collaboration for NeN?

In a selection of Caricami charging stations in various Italian locations, it will be possible to find NeN branded batteries that will give those who rent them an exclusive promotional code.

How to rent a Caricami battery?

  • Download the Caricami app
  • Find the charging station closest to you
  • Scan the QR code to unlock your power bank
  • Recharge in complete mobility
  • Return the power bank to any mobile charging station in our network


To find out more about NeN click here.

To find out more about Caricami click here.

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