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CARICAMI is an innovative Italian powerbank sharing company. Founded in 2019, it focuses on innovation and sustainability with over 10,000 rental hours delivered, 15,000 users and 60 satisfied customers.

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We offer structured solutions capable of serving any site across Italy promptly. Based in Milan, we specialize in corporate services with over 150 installations and more than 40 events with primary clients.


We offer an in-house developed software solution that is customizable and fully compliant with GDPR regulations. We guarantee reliability and security with CE-certified hardware products and primary insurance coverage.



We promote conscious resource usage and proper disposal of power banks. We support the culture of sharing and the circular economy to make mobile phone charging on the go accessible to everyone.



All products are CE certified and validated and guarantee 100% protection against juice jacking.

CARICAMI is a long-standing reliable partner of large corporations

What they say about us

skilla logo

Skilla exploring eLearning 2023,
Lucia Vellasi

During the event organized by Skilla exploring eLearning 2023 at the Franco Parenti theater in Milan on September 28th and 29th, Caricami provided impeccable power bank rental service to all attendees. Caricami operators explained the functioning of the totems with precision, ensuring a seamless experience. The customization of the devices made the service even more appreciated. We confirm our satisfaction and intention to collaborate again in the future.

Form retail logo

Forum Retail 2023,
Arianna Liberati

During the 23rd edition of the Forum Retail, we utilized Caricami charging totems, providing participants with freedom from being tethered to a fixed charging point. This flexibility was particularly appreciated as attendees could charge their devices while exploring booths and engaging in various event activities. Offering mobile charging services has enhanced participant satisfaction. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to repeating it without hesitation!


Alessandro Artolozzi

“Smart and technological tool that perfectly aligns with the philosophy of our facilities, always striving for innovative and high-performing services. Caricami represents a prepared partner capable of meeting the diversity of any request.”

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