The Wow Side :shopping at 100% with Caricami

The Wow Side (ex Centro Leonardo) is a new way of doing shopping. Inaugurated on November 2005, Centro Leonardo is located in Fiumicino, halfway between the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport and the city of Rome.

It lies in the Parco Leonardo district where, among others, there is a cinema, a bowling area, B&B, homes, offices, meeting places and green areas.

Starting from today the Caricami power bank sharing service will be added to the wide range of services offered by the centre to their clientele. The Caricami charging station will be placed at the Info Point where customers can rent a power bank, charge while doing shopping at the center and then return before leaving.

Offering a free charge to customers, keep them connected, improve their shopping experience and increase their dwell time.

For more information about The Wow Side:

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