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Cell phone charging stations in beach resorts

Technology has transformed our habits and having the possibility of always staying connected is now a priority for everyone.

The need to always stay connected does not abandon us even on vacation! On beaches, however, recharging your mobile phone can be complex due to the lack of electrical outlets to connect your charger to. Caricami offers the simplest solution to this type of problem and provides charging stations for cell phones and other mobile devices that can be installed in beach resorts!

This will allow customers to rent a powerbank and recharge their mobile phone in complete freedom!

Caricami on the coast of Pesaro

The presence of Caricami charging stations at beach resorts on Italian beaches has already begun. For the 2022 summer season, Caricami charging stations are present on the beaches of Pesaro thanks to a collaboration with various beach resorts including:

  • Bagni Bibi
  • Bahia del Sol
  • Bagni Tino
  • Bagni Paradise
  • Zone 27
  • Bagni Toto

The power bank sharing service offered by Caricami is innovative: the customer will no longer have to leave their mobile phone in a charging locker or get stuck near a fixed charging station, they can simply rent a power bank from a charging station and recharge their devices in complete mobility.

In beach resorts, power bank sharing is the ideal solution. Instead of forcing users to separate from their smartphone while it is charging, thanks to the rental of a power bank, people have the possibility to continue using their mobile phone, without giving up walks by the sea, shots at the beach, shopping from the sunbed, etc.

Nowadays the mobile phone recharge service is a basic service

One of the characteristics of beach resorts is that they offer their customers everything they need: umbrellas, sunbeds and deck chairs, showers to cool off and rinse off the salt from the skin … Then there are additional services that raise the quality of the resort: swimming pools, music, play areas for children and much more.

Mobile charging stations can be considered basic services nowadays. However, at the moment, they are not widespread as a service offered by beach resorts. That’s why installing a Caricami mobile charging station at your resort helps you stand out from the competitionattract new customersretain the usual ones and increase the quality of the offered service.

How the power bank sharing service works

Renting a Caricami power bank is a matter of seconds.

  • Download the Caricami app (available on Play Store and App Store)
  • Scan the QR code to unlock your power bank
  • Recharge in complete mobility
  • Return the power bank
  • To download the Caricami app, click here


The Caricami mobile recharge stations and totems are revolutionary: they allow customers to recharge their mobile phones on the move, without giving up any travel and without having to leave their mobile phone.

For the manager of the beach resort, a cell phone charging station can make the difference compared to the competition and raise the quality of the service offered.

Do you work in a beach resort and want to offer a mobile phone recharging service to your customers? Contact us here.

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